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Hebrides Harmony

Terri Pelleymounter
HND beauty therapist and 1:1 Diet consultant

MONU Facials babor facial treatment

Aromatic Facial Treatment (£45) 65 mins

This signature MONU Facial Treatment will let you experience the truly incredible results MONU has to offer. Mask therapy and exfoliation are combined to promote skin radiance, whilst a soothing massage to the face, neck and shoulders will leave you feeling calmed and relaxed. MONU products are individually selected to suit your skin type. The treatment mask can be upgraded upon request.


before and after Microdermabrasion facial

£36 for 1/2 hour and £55 for 1 hour

Have you ever wanted an instant facelift without the painful consequences or price tag? Look no further than Microdermabrasion - the treatment that celebs credit to their youthful and vibrant complexions. This innovative treatment deeply exfoliates the top layers of the skin, leaving you with fresh, vibrant and extremely smooth skin. Skin conditions that particularly benefit from this treatment are: fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, oily skin, open pores, dry skin and dull skin. *Please note this treatment cannot be performed on hyper sensitive skin or on skin with any burst blood capillaries (i.e. acne rosacea).

Hydra-Lift Collagen Facial Treatment (£55) 65 mins

The main focus in this intensive repairing treatment is the application of a 99% Collagen Veil which delivers a burst of moisture whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This facial hydrates and replenishes vital moisture levels to rediscover that youthful look. Perfect for dehydrated and sun damaged skin. This treatment will leave the skin looking youthful and restored with an even appearance.

Soothing face and scalp treatment (£50) 65 mins

A thorough Indian head massage begins this treatment, where your upper back, neck and scalp is massaged using pressure points and stretching/sweeping massage techniques. A 35 minute miniature MONU facial follows, which includes steam, cleanse, exfoliation, mask and to finish a warming stone massage around the shoulders.

Indian head massage (£30) 30 mins

A traditional Ayurvedic massage which concentrates on releasing both mental energy blocks and physical tension in the upper body and scalp. This massage also helps to stimulate the nerves in the head—nourishing the scalp and hair. You don’t realise the tension you hold in your scalp until you’ve experienced an Indian head massage!

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