Opening times
Monday 11am-5pm
Thursday 11am-5pm
Friday 11am-5pm

Contact number: 07946857713
Email: terri _ATSYMB_ hebridesharmony _PERIOD_ CO _PERIOD_ UK
Address: Unit 2, Clinton’s Yard, Stornoway

Hebrides Harmony

Terri Pelleymounter
HND beauty therapist and 1:1 Diet consultant

Beauty treatments Bondi sands tanning promotional picture


Bondi Sands spray tan (£28)20 mins

Please arrive for tan with exfoliated skin, loose clothing, no moisturiser or deodorant. A hair net, towel, disposable underwear and sticky feet will be provided.

Eye treatments

Eyebrow wax (£10) 15 mins

Eyebrow tint (£10) 10 mins

Eyelash tint (£15) 20 mins

Eye collection (£28) 30 mins

Includes eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and eyebrow shape. (£30 with thread.)


Lip or Chin (£7) 10 mins

Underarm (£10) 10 mins

Bikini (£13) 15 mins

Prices vary if more than standard bikini line is required.

Forearms (£13) 15 mins

Half leg (£17) 20 mins

Full leg (£28) 45 mins

Back / Chest wax (£28) 30 mins

Half leg and Bikini (£28) 30 mins

Half leg, Bikini and Underarm (£36) 45 mins

Full leg, Bikini and Underarm (£47) 60 mins


Eyebrow thread (£12)

Upperlip or Chin thread (£8)

All of the above (£22)


Ellebana lash lift (£40)

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