Opening times
Monday 11am-5pm
Thursday 11am-5pm
Friday 11am-5pm

Contact number: 07946857713
Email: terri _ATSYMB_ hebridesharmony _PERIOD_ CO _PERIOD_ UK
Address: Unit 2, Clinton’s Yard, Stornoway

Hebrides Harmony

Terri Pelleymounter
HND beauty therapist and 1:1 Diet consultant

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Welcome to Hebrides Harmony

Hebrides Harmony is an award-winning beauty therapy business run by HND therapist Terri Pelleymounter, who has worked in the industry for over 15 years. Following a two year break for maternity leave Terri is back working 3 days from her new premises in Clinton’s yard.

Terri's main focus is on facials such as MONU aromatic facials, microdermabrasion crystal facials, as well as beauty essentials such as waxing and threading. MONU is new to Terri's salon — Hebrides Harmony is delighted to be the first to use these products on the island. MONU is a skincare brand that not only delivers results, but also has a big heart at its core; meaning that animal testing is a big no, as well as being a vegan friendly brand.

At busy times of year it may be a week or two wait for an appointment so advance booking is always recommended.

Additionally, Terri is an award-winning Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, where she helps clients on their weight loss journey to achieve their target weight, establish new healthy eating habits and maintain their weight loss. See “weight loss” section for more information.

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