Opening times
Monday 10am-5:15pm
Tuesday off
Wednesday 10am-5:15pm
Thursday 10am-5:15pm
Friday 10am-5:15pm

Contact number: 07946857713
Email: terri _ATSYMB_ hebridesharmony _PERIOD_ CO _PERIOD_ UK
Address: 2 Maccallum Place, Stornoway, HS1 2JT

Hebrides Harmony

Terri McGeoghegan
HND beauty therapist and Cambridge Weight Plan consultant

Winner of the PSYBT young entrepreneur of the year 2011 (Hebrides Harmony)

Winner of the Sales Champion 2017 (Cambridge Weight Plan)

Finalist for Young Direct Seller of the Year 2018 (Cambridge Weight Plan)

Beauty treatments

Eye treatments

Eyebrow wax (£8) 15 mins

Eyebrow tint (£7) 10 mins

Eyelash tint (£12) 20 mins

Eye collection (£22) 30 mins

Includes eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and eyebrow shape.


Lip or Chin (£6) 10 mins

Underarm (£8) 10 mins

Bikini (£12) 15 mins

Prices vary if more than standard bikini line is required.

Forearms (£12) 15 mins

Half leg (£15) 20 mins

Full leg (£25) 45 mins

Back / Chest wax (£25) 30 mins

Half leg and Bikini (£25) 30 mins

Half leg, Bikini and Underarm (£30) 45 mins

Full leg, Bikini and Underarm (£38) 60 mins


Eyebrow thread (£10)

Upperlip or Chin thread (£7)

All of the above (£20)

Flirties Lash Lift (Coming August 2019) (£30)

This new and unique system of lash lifting is achieved by placing silicon shield on the lift which give the lashes the "curve" upwards thus making the lashes look longer and more accentuated and it also helps to give the eyes an appearance of being fresher and bigger! Duration: 45 minutes. A patch test is required 48 hours before treatment.

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