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Hebrides Harmony

Terri McGeoghegan - HND beauty therapist and Skincare specialist

Location: The White Rooms, 40 Bayhead Street, HS1 2DX

Winner of the PSYBT young entrepreneur of the year 2011! - published beauty and health articles by Terri.

Please note due to exceptional demand Terri is unable to take appointments from new clients until further notice. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Skin conditions/disorders that will benefit from Hebrides Harmony signature facials are:

If you are unsure of what facial is right for you please just phone to have a brief consultation so you can make an informed decision.

Your therapist will assess your skin type and treat your skin with the appropriate products whilst ensuring your experience is a relaxing and unforgettable one - heated blankets are used to ensure your whole body is warmed through, heated towels are used to remove all products and most facials include a face, neck, chest, arm, shoulder and scalp massage with the addition of hot stones when your mask is on. You can be assured that your therapist will not leave the room at any point unless it is to quickly change the water (i.e. you won't hear the phrase "I'll leave you to relax for 10 minutes!")

Babor Facials babor facial treatment

Prescription facial (£32) 60 mins

(Vita balance / Calming sensitive / Perfect combination / Advanced biogen)

This bespoke tailor-made facial is adapted for all skin types. Using our versatile Skin Care System Gold range your therapist will select the mask, serums and moisturisers most suitable for your skin’s needs. After a thorough skin analysis and consultation your individually prescribed eight step relaxing facial will leave you feeling and looking sensational.


before and after Microdermabrasion facial

£30 for 1/2 hour and £40 for 1 hour

Have you ever wanted an instant facelift without the painful consequences or price tag? Look no further than Microdermabrasion - the treatment that celebs credit to their youthful and vibrant complexions. This innovative treatment deeply exfoliates the top layers of the skin, leaving you with fresh, vibrant and extremely smooth skin. Skin conditions that particularly benefit from this treatment are: fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, oily skin, open pores, dry skin and dull skin. *Please note this treatment cannot be performed on hyper sensitive skin or on skin with any burst blood capillaries (i.e. acne rosacea).

Mini prescriptive facial (£24) 30 mins

A wonderful add on to any treatment to revitalise and freshen up the skin.

Sensational eyes (£18/£32) 30 mins (60 mins with an eyelash and brow tint)

It is said that the eyes are the windows to our soul, so enhance this delicate area with this nourishing, refreshing and firming eye treatment. Active complexes help to drain, brighten and firm while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Have this treatment as a stand alone or as an add on to any facial.

Collagen booster treatment (£40) 60 mins

Collagen is the key to our skin’s elasticity and as it slowly breaks down over time our skin becomes more susceptible to lines and wrinkles. This intensive collagen facial helps to reverse the effects of collagen depletion. Precious collagen fluid is applied which penetrates the skin to weave new collagen fibres before the special stimulating massage supplies much needed oxygen to revive the skin and a 99% collagen mask is applied. Your skin will look flawless after this intensely calming, hydrating and plumping facial.

HSR power lifting (£45) 60 mins

Ideal for the more mature client this skin energising facial uses our luxury lifting High Skin Refiner range. The powerful complexes are specially formulated to protect the elastin in the skin. Experience BABOR’s unique ampoule crash using a detoxifying algae fluid to flush out impurities, followed by a host of other extremely active & anti-ageing ingredients. Your skin will be left noticeably firmer with a youthful complexion.

For men: energy release facial 60 mins (£32)

This is a specially designed facial for men and gives skin renewed strength and vitality. Often external and internal stress factors can upset the harmony of your skin. This facial will deeply cleanse and soothe the skin, improving its resilience. The healing power of plants will restore balance; this wonderful treatment will then be rounded off with a super relaxing pressure point and scalp massage.


Comedone extraction can be added onto to any facial treatment for £6

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